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Introduction of School of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering

    The School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering born out of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, which was established in 1988, is one of the oldest, the most powerful school in Nanyang Institute of Technology. In the past 20 years, our school keeps in step with college’s strategy. The teachers and students keep on moving and inventing. With the creative work, we achieved a sign of the results, evolved the resounding brand of “rigorous pragmatic, endeavor harmoniously”. Rooted in Nanyang, based on Henan Province, radiation whole nation, aiming at the first line of production, we delivered a large number of talents for the country; many of them become the main technical and management backbone of departments.


   Part.Schooling Thought

   The School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, it is built around an idea that “people-oriented, holistic education, general specialist, service society". Own duty is train engineers for local economic construction and social development, and ensure who play a part in the future engineering team.

   Our target of talents training is to develop moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development of people, whom with strong engineering practice ability and innovation spirit, able to meet the needs of socialist construction, to adapt to the complex environmental engineering technology. We wish those application-oriented talents could able to work on product design, manufacturing, management, marketing and service on the first field of Mechanical Engineering

   For many years, our school actively researches the cultivating mode to train application-oriented talents, enthusiastically seeking for new mode to train excellent engineers with the CDIO training. We use “backward induction procedure” on teaching. Our source is the local machinery industry’s demand for mechanical engineers. In the choice of teaching content, our main line is learning while training, change students from studying passively to actively; in training way, we train application-oriented talents between school and enterprise in an effective way, push the enterprise into the classroom and move the class to enterprises. Let the students learning engineering technology and engineering management in the real engineering environment. In the process of teaching organization, we break the boundaries between theoretical courses and practical courses; so that students could learn with practice, and help students give an active role in study.


   Part II. Majors

   School of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering (SMAE) is home to four undergraduate majors: Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Its Automation; Control Technology and Instrumentation; Automobile Service Engineering; Material Shaping and Control Engineering. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Its Automation therein is the first undergraduate major in our institute, currently running a cooperative program with British-based University of Northampton, enrolling junior and undergraduate students.


   Part III. Faculty

   SMAE’s faculty takes professors and doctors as its main body. There are 60 Full-time teachers, there into 12 professors, 14 associate professor, 15 with doctoral degree and 23 with enterprise experience.


    Recently, SMAE’s faculty publishes more than 320 papers, there into 240 in core journals, 8 cited by SCI, 62 cited by EI and 14 cited by ISTP; accomplishes 52 provincial science research project, 12 patent for invention and 35 published textbooks; wins 1 National Teaching Fellowship, 4 provincial teaching achievement prize and 7 provincial science and technology progress awards. Dr. ZHOU Xianhui’s research project “Microstructure and Tribology Behavior of Low-Speed, Heavy Load Mixed Carbon Fabric / Epoxy Self-Lubricating Liner” was approved in 2011 by Youth National Science Foundation of China. Prof. ZHANG Hongfeng was awarded institute-level Outstanding Teachers. Mr. CHEN Yonghui’s “Automatic Audit and Intelligent Splicing of Product Drawing” won gold award in 4th Henan youth innovative software tournament.

   Our school gains titles such as Advanced Institute Unit in Scientific Research, Advanced Institute Unit in Employment of Graduates, Advanced General Party Branch prized by Nanyang City Direct Administrated Working Committee, Advanced Basic-Level Party Organization prized by Organization Ministry of Hehan Provincial Committee, Five-Good Basic-Level Party Organization, Civilized Unit, Model Civilized Unit and Advanced Unit in Henan Educational System.

http://group0.nyist.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/jdx/2014/08/05/232gckhn0s.jpg http://group0.nyist.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/jdx/2014/08/05/38a627yn0n.jpg

   Part IV. Experimental Conditions

   School’s experimental equipment’s are worth 22.5 million yuan. There are 16 laboratories such as Metalworking Practice Base, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab, Experimental Center of Mechatronics Detection, Experimental Center of Mechanical Design, Metallography Lab, Non-Traditional Machining Lab, Bosch Automobile Diagnosis Training Center, Automobile Disassembly and Assembly Lab, Automobile Mechanics Lab. Therein Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab is listed as Model Experiment and Education Center of Henan Province and Key Lab of Nanyang City.


   Part V. Educational Features

   (1) Symbolic Achievements

   1. Pilot Major of Higher Vocational Education Reform of the Ministry of Education

   2. Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement

   3. Provincial Excellent Courses Construction Project

   4. Key Lab of Nanyang City

   5. Model Experiment and Education Center of Henan Province

   6. Major Provincial Scientific Problem Tackling Project: Nanyang Service Center of Informatization of Manufacturing Industry of Henan

   7. Henan Featured Major

   8. Henan Key Discipline

   9. Henan Teaching Team

   10. Henan Pilot Unit of Comprehensive Discipline Reform

   11. Engineering Research Center of Henan Colleges

   12. Pilot Major of Outstanding Engineer Plan of the Ministry of Education

http://group0.nyist.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/jdx/2014/08/05/27i6kornak.jpg http://group0.nyist.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/jdx/2014/08/05/1lwq9ninaq.png

   (2) University-Industry Cooperation

   1. Nanyang Huisen Precise Instrument Casing Inc. donated 10 million yuan for the co-construction of “Huisen R&D Center” building, launched “Huisen Class” and founded “HuisenScholarship”.

   2. Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries Inc. Launched “Yutong Heavy Industries Class”.

   3. Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co., Ltd. co-constructed “Research Institute of Motor Vibration and Noise”, launched the major field of “Explosion Protection Motor” and training base for students.

   4. Training base for students in RG Petro-Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

   5. Cooperation with Henan Province Xixia Automobile Water Pump Co., Ltd. for Postdoctoral Research Station and training base for students.

   6. Training base for students in Xixia Intake & Exhaust Manifold Co,. Ltd.

   7. Training base for students in Henan Roady Road Machinery Company Inc.

   8. Training base for students in Nanyang Yalong Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

   9. Henan Hengfa Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. launched “Hengfa Class” and founded “Hengfa Scholarship”.

   10. Change Sarong Electronics Co., Ltd. launched “Sanrong Class”.

   11. Training base for students in Henan Shengyuan Mining Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

http://group0.nyist.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/jdx/2014/08/05/234ffpunax.jpg http://group0.nyist.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/jdx/2014/08/05/2fp5icznb8.png

   (3) Students’ Awards

   In contests such as “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Extracurricular and Academic Contest, “Higher Education Cup” National Undergraduate Advanced Drawing and Modeling Innovation Contest, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and English Contests, students have gained 8 national first prizes, 14 national second prizes, 8 national third prizes, 4 national merit prizes; 3 provincial first prizes, 5 provincial second prizes and 10 provincial third prizes.

http://group0.nyist.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/jdx/2014/08/05/1oqhedhnee.jpg http://group0.nyist.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/jdx/2014/08/05/1sbvwfvnen.jpg

   Part VI. Developing Prospect

   Work hard and you'll be rewarded. Our teachers and students’ hard work have borne fruits. All together achievements come from the correct leadership and solicitude. It is better to create history than behalf of history. We will keep our best state to take the challenge of the future. Push Forward the Scientific Research Work, of our school to a new stage.

   In the next five years, our school will keep up with the pace of social and economic development, insists on training application-oriented talents, adheres to the focus of teaching, and uses scientific researches to push teaching. All of those are the effective way of deepening train application-oriented talents between school and enterprise. We want to be the first-class school In the province and even the country's similar institutions.

   In the next five years, we’ll gain the right to confer Master Degree, be selected the Provincial Key Laboratory of Henan Province, won more awards of scientific research and teaching. Our school should be a high quality teacher team, consolidating the foundation and strengthening technology innovation, evolving a development pattern of machinery, materials, automobile “racing together bridle to bridle”.


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